OpenIGTLink is an open-source network communication interface specifically designed for image-guided interventions. It aims to provide a plug-and-play unified real-time communications (URTC) in operating rooms (ORs) for image-guided interventions, where imagers, sensors, surgical robots,and computers from different vendors work cooperatively. This URTC will ensure the seamless data flow among those components and enable a closed-loop process of planning, control, delivery, and feedback. Examples applications of URTC include but not limited to:

  • Stereotactic surgical guidance using optical position sensor and medical image visualization software
  • Intraoperative image guidance using real-time MRI and medical image visualization software
  • Robot-assisted interventions using robotic devices and surgical planning software

The specification of OpenIGTLink is open, and can be used without any license fee; hence OpenIGTLink is suitable for both industrial and academic developers. We also provide a reference implementation of the protocol as a C/C++ library.


The specification of the OpenIGTLink protocol and it’s reference C/C++ implementation are both provided to the public under the new BSD License. Unlike some other open-source licenses, it does not require that source code be distributed at all.


The OpenIGTLink project is primarily supported by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH R01EB020667, PI: Junichi Tokuda). There are also several research projects that are supporting the development of OpenIGTLink including:


Institutes, Organizations


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